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GEOMA Custom Maps

GEOMA Custom Mapping allows you to design your very own map of anywhere in Ontario, Canada. You choose exactly how you want your map to look; from size to scale, right down to the smallest feature. Designing your own unique map is quick and easy. Simply download the map request form to get started.


Examples of Custom Mapping are:

 A hunting area map for your next outing to determine boundaries

A good fishing lake showing your favourite spots

image image

A detailed canoe route map for your next trip showing portages

A contour map of a specified area for topography detail

image image

Data Available:

  • Airport
  • ATV Trail
  • Canoe Route
  • City/Town
  • Cottage Site
  • Cross Country Ski Trail
  • Dam
  • Hiking Trail
  • Recreation Camp
  • Resort/Outpost
  • Snowmobile Trail
  • Tower
  • Utility Line (Hydro/Pipeline)
  • Waste Disposal Site



  • Contour Lines (10m interval)
  • Mine

Parks & Land Ownership

  • Conservation Area
  • Conservation Reserve
  • Provincial Park/Nature Reserve
  • National Park
  • Crown Land
  • Private Land
  • First Nation Reserve

Administrative Boundaries

  • Township
  • MNR District
  • MNR Area
  • OBM Index Grid
  • Forest Management Unit

Fish & Wildlife Values

  • Fish Species in Lakes
  • Stocked Lakes
  • Trapline Boundary
  • Wildlife Management Units


Other datasets may be available upon request. Please contact us if there is a dataset that you are interested in. We also can upload your personally acquired information from your GPS and/or photos and add them to your map products.


If you have any questions or would like more information:

Tel: 807-854-2335 or Email:

Add Your Photos!

image   image

GEOMA Custom Mapping also has the ability to add photos to your map. If you want a picture of your camp or a picture of your trophy buck on your hunting map, we can do it!


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