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GEOMA has developed NOmap™, creating Northern Ontario’s first and only comprehensive, online, interactive, virtual mapping application showcasing Northern Ontario's tourism values and recreational activities. NOmap covers the area from the French River northwest across the province of Ontario to the Quebec and Manitoba borders, covering an area of 900,000 square kilometres.

NOmap is utilizing GEOMA’s advanced GenTerra web mapping technology and has a comprehensive database of natural features, infrastructure, and tourism data.  The enormous task of integrating the Ontario Road Network (ORN) with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) road dataset captures the level of detail in city streets with the location of roads in more remote areas.  This elaborate roads dataset for Northern Ontario, currently unavailable from any other source, fully covers both populated and remote areas.

GEOMA has developed search tools that allow users to locate features such as resorts, outfitters, hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, attractions, shopping and recreational trails anywhere in Northern Ontario.  Users interested in hunting or fishing will be able to view the boundaries of Wildlife Management Units or view the fish species found in each lake.  Businesses can register with NOmap online!! Registered businesses appear as an icon on the map and will have the opportunity to list information, pictures and a link to their website for display.

This unique application highlights the establishments, activities and services available in Northern Ontario and will promote the entire area by making this information easily accessible to the world via the internet.

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Why use NOmap?

  • Customize your own Interactive Map on your website instantly, or show your buddy your favourite fishing lake using NOmap's MapLink tool
  • Search for your next vacation spot
  • Tools to help you plan your escape to Northern Ontario
  • Locate trails for hiking, snowmobiles, atv's or canoeing
  • Find your hunting spot within your Wildlife Management Unit
  • Business Locating Tool
  • Spectacular Detail

Made in Northern Ontario to promote Northern Ontario.

NOmap News

April 25, 2008 - officially launched




Q1. What is NOmap?

Answer: NOmap stands for Northern Ontario Map. It's an interactive application which allows the user to visualize the vast geography of Norhtern Ontario and everything it has to offer. Everything you want to know at your fingertips.


Q2. How do I use NOmap?

Answer: Simply vist and start clicking to your destination.  NOmap uses the same web tools you are already used to in everyday Internet surfing.


Q3. Is there a cost to use NOmap?

Answer: No, it's free!  Everything you want to know about travelling in Norhtern Ontario right at your fingertips.


Q4. How do I register my business on NOmap?

Answer: Visit the NOmap site and click on the Register Button.  From there all you have to do is follow the simple instructions on your screen.

Q5. What are the system requirements to use NOmap?

Answer: An Internet connection using Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0, or Safari.