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GWC Ultimate Fantasy Fishing Pool How To Play

How To Play

To enter, fill out the free registration form on the Geraldton Walleye Classic Website under the “Fantasy Fishing” tab. After registering, you are ready for the GWC Ultimate Fantasy Fishing Game. All you have to do now is click on the “Create Roster” button on the game’s front page and create your roster. A valid email address and password will be used as an identifier to log in to game play and to keep track of your rosters score and standing. You will also be able to see your roster score following the GWC.

Creating your Roster
To create your roster, first select “My Roster” tab at the top of the Roster Page.  All teams participating in the GWC will be listed below.  Highlight and click on the team you want to join your roster.  This team will now be part of your roster.  Repeat the process until you have selected ten teams for your roster.  If you wish to drop a team, you can do this by simply clicking the (x) next to the team’s name and choosing an alternate team from the list.  You can only choose each team once.  Remember to save once you have completed your selections.

Setting your Tie-breaker
Enter a tie-breaker weight at the bottom of the ‘Roster’ panel in the open box. Click on the open box and enter the total weight you believe your entire roster will weigh over the two-day tournament to 2 decimal places (eg.100.55 lbs) then hit the ‘Save’ button.

Changing Anglers
After completing your roster, you can still return and change your roster prior to the lockout date. To change your roster, click on the (x) next to the team you wish to drop from your roster and choose your replacement from the available teams. All roster changes must be completed prior to the tournament lockout date.

Who Wins?
The winner will be the person who selects the roster which weighs in the heaviest two-day weight during the GWC.  In the event of a tie, the person who choose the weight closest to the actual heaviest roster weight will be the winner.  If still no winner can be determined, the person who set their roster first will be identified as the winner.  If there is no way to break the tie using the above rules, all tied rosters will be put into a draw with the first name chosen to be the winner. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I select a Roster of teams?

A: To assemble your Roster, you will need to select 10 GWC teams from the 130-team list.  From the ‘My Roster’ page you can select each team by highlighting the team and clicking the mouse button.  If a team drops from the GWC, you will be sent an email to let you know.  It is your responsibility to go choose another team to join your roster.

Q: How do I change teams on my roster?

A:  If you wish to delete a team from your roster, you can simply hit the ‘X’ next to the team’s name in the ‘My Roster’ page.  The team will be deleted from your roster.  You will then need to choose another team to fill the empty spot on your roster.  You are able to edit your roster up until the lockout date.

Q:  What does Lock Out Date mean and when is it?

A:  The lock out date is the date and time after which you cannot make changes to your roster.  The date will be June 18th 11:59pm.

Q: How do I set a tie-breaker?

A: Enter a tie-breaker weight at the bottom of the ‘Roster’ page.  The tiebreaker is the total weight you think your ten-team roster will weigh over two days.  The weight must be entered in pounds to the hundredth of a pound or two decimal places.  (Ex. 111.11 lbs)

Q: How does my roster score points and how is the winner decided?

A:  Your roster scores points based on the weight each of your teams weighs each day.  You will receive the same weight that each of your team’s weigh.  You then add up your rosters total weigh to give you your roster weight.  The person who chooses the roster who accumulates the most weight over the weekend will be the winner.