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About GCFI

imageThe Geraldton Community Forest (GCF) is located in North Western Ontario within the Municipality of Greenstone, and is in the heart of the industrial Boreal Forest. GCF is made up of 7 Townships and encompasses a total area of 65,000 ha.

The goals of GCF are to create a sustainable and improved forest land base and a sustainable economy through community management of natural resources by utilizing sustainable ecosystem approaches and environmentally sound practices. Over time, the goals have grown to include seeking out employment opportunities to support the local economy.

Direction for the company comes from a Board of Directors. There are a total of 7 seats on the Board that are elected from the general membership at the annual meeting. Any resident or property owner within the GCF boundary is considered a member and entitled to one vote at the annual meeting.

Today, GCF is a multifaceted organization that is involved in operational forestry, forest fire services and the training associated with these operations. Over the past five years, GCF has expanded its business to include Geographic Information System (GIS) and Information Technology (IT) ventures.

GCF also maintains MacLeod Provincial Park, Wilderness Trail Adventures, Wilderness Canoe Adventures, and Geocaching.

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Geraldton Community Forest Inc.
105 MacOdrum Drive
Box 400
Geraldton, ON
P0T 1M0

Phone Number: 807-854-2335
Fax Number: 807-854-2336