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Adventure Trails

Geraldton Community Forest created a unique set of adventure trails that tourist and local Greenstone residents can take advantage of throughout the Municipality of Greenstone. These trails are maintained regularly by GCF and offer spectacular views, displaying the variety of landscapes found across the region. From the towering Pijitawabik Palisades and the shores of Lake Nipigon to the rugged beauty of the Boreal forest all trails offer unique, picturesque views that can only be seen in Northern Ontario. The trails range in length and difficulty but the majority of the trails can be utilized by all making them excellent opportunities for family outings, team building exercises  and travel breaks.

Visit the Discover Greenstone Website for more information about the trails and come experience the natural beauty of our area.


Trail Name



Palisades Hiking Trail

7 km

Orient Bay

Lake Nipigon Shoreline Trail

5 km


Riverview Hiking Trail

2 km


Barton Bay Wildlife Trail

4 km


Mining Heritage Trail


Forest Fire Interpretive Trail