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Forest Fire

GCF provides the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources with a variety of forest fire services.

Forest Fire Suppression

imageGCF has a contract with the OMNR to supply 20 Type 2 forest fire fighting crews to help with forest fire suppression across the province of Ontario.

Base Camp

GCF has a contract with the OMNR to supply base camp services during an escalated fire season. GCF is responsible for supplying all food kits, food requisition orders, camp maintenance, and the operation of a catering service.


GCF provides catering services at two OMNR fire kitchens; the Ogoki Forward Attack Base and the Greenstone Fire Management Headquarters.

Speciality Services

GCF administers the OMNR East Fire Region’s Specialty Services Contract. Some of the positions we fill are: Safety Officer, Helitech Officer, Fire Crew Auditor, Radio Operator, Camp Officer, and Intelligence Officer.  Previous OMNR experience is required for these positions.

Aerial Detection

GCF provides trained individuals to the OMNR’s Aerial Detection Program. Aerial detection is an early fire detection process.  Trained individuals fly in a fixed wing aircraft, spot and map fire locations, and then report information to the fire management headquarters.