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As a silvicultural contractor, GCF is involved in tree planting, harvest block layout, forest inventory, free-to-grow, and regeneration surveys, establishing permanent sample plots, cone collecting, slash pile burning, seed orchard management, and pre-commercial thinning for several forestry companies.


imageGCF is a small company in the world of tree plant companies only planting between two and three million trees annually. The tree plant staff goes out of their way to help all planters achieve a high level of productivity and enjoy their work experience. GCF hires 30 to 40 new planters each year for its spring plant in May and June. We also offer further employment to those individuals who exhibit a strong work ethic.

Block Layout

GCF has been providing SFL holders and harvesting contactors block layout services for more than five years. Our layout crews utilize the most up to date GPS units, computer software, vehicles, and equipment to physically mark forest cut boundaries prior to harvest. GCF crews are unique in that they have a fully qualified GIS department available to provide support as required. All layout staff participate in an in depth training session which includes both field and classroom exercises.

imageSurvey Assessments

GCF has been conducting silvicultural surveys for over ten years. Some surveys include: regeneration, free-to-grow, thinning, and CLAAG surveys.  GCF has also been responsible for setting up and remeasuring permanent sample plots, timber cruising, and plus tree locating.  To ensure a high level of quality and accuracy is met, all data collection is performed by experienced forest technicians.

Pre-Commercial Thinning (PCT)

GCF has been involved with commercial and pre-commercial thinning for over ten years. We have highly experienced crews and crew foremen that operate a productive and safe operation. Many of our crew members are from local First Nations communities and all have taken our extensive PCT training course. The course offered by GCF is well known in the forest industry and many companies, individuals and First Nations Communities have been trained through this course.

Non-Timber Forest Products

GCF is currently involved in a project exploring the commercial harvesting of non-timber forest products. More details will be posted as they come available.